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Harry F. Rey

Author and lover of gay themed stories

Six Days in Jerusalem

A star-crossed lovers historical
gay romance set in the Middle East.


Jerusalem, 1967, one day before the sudden outbreak of the Six Day War. In Jordanian East Jerusalem, Omar's Muslim family are preparing traditional Kurdish dishes for his older brother's wedding. Meanwhile, across the barbed wire border in Israeli West Jerusalem, Asaf’s Jewish family are also preparing traditional Kurdish dishes for a wedding. Omar slips through the heavily guarded border dividing the city with his Jordanian father’s diplomatic pass, where he meets Asaf in the busy Jerusalem marketplace.


Despite the boys’ searing differences in religion and nationality, their cultural connection sparks a friendship that holds the promise of young love. Slipping across barbed-wire borders, their brief relationship becomes trapped in the flipping pages of history and shifting borders of the Middle East. As Jewish and Arab armies battle across Jerusalem, Omar and Asaf must fight for their own chance at love.



In the late summer of 1936, Anders is a budding young photographer from Vienna who travels to pre-war Paris. His mother sends him ostensibly to attend art school… and to survive as a Jew. But Anders is ready to explore his other secret: his sexuality. Anders soon falls for Jean, and captures Jean’s beauty with his camera, selling the photos by the Seine. A wealthy American socialite, David, sees the work and presents Anders with a scandalous new venture.

With David’s movie camera, they set up a secret film studio, capturing incriminating reels of the rich and powerful committing all manner of compromising acts. As Paris falls to Hitler and the occupation takes hold, senior Nazis commandeer David’s mansion as their personal brothel. Anders and David begin secretly filming the Nazis’ trysts, scattering the evidence across Paris. Anders’s old flame, Eilas, returns as an SS officer. Jean hatches a plot with the Resistance to assassinate Eilas’s superior, the head of the SS in Paris, where blackmail and betrayal, love and survival are all part of the answer to the question, Why in Paris?

Pink Feathers


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The Galactic captains

M/M sci-fi romance published by Nine Star Press

Captain Ales is a lonely smuggler at the galaxy's Outer Verge, and the last of his people. He's been trying to move on from a life of...

The series returns to the adventures of Prince Osvai and Daeron as the Kyleri Empire comes up against the secret work of Turo and the Outer Verge...

As the heir to the Empire of a Million Suns, Prince Osvai can’t be caught hunting for men in the revered royal baths of Jiwani, the Kyleri capital...


Captain Ales is suddenly lost in a galaxy with no way home, trapped between two worlds which are ready to collide...

Captain Ales must find his feet in his new role alone. Ales must contend with a growing rebellion and jealous lovers as the Outer Verge teeters on the brink of all out war...


Captain Ales is suddenly lost in a galaxy with no way home, trapped between two worlds which are ready to collide...

The Line of Succession

Contemporary M/M romance Published by Deep Desires Press

Andrew's dedicated his life to defending his secret lover Prince James. But can their love survive twin sister Princess Alexandra's schemes ensuing battle for the British crown?

James and Andrew feel the pressure on their strained relationship as Alexandra draws the lines of battle and Lizzie's plans begin to take shape...

Tragedy throws the Line of Succession into disarray and long kept secrets spill out into the open as the vacuum of power threatens to consume them all...


Tragedy throws the Line of Succession into disarray and long kept secrets spill out into the open as the vacuum of power threatens to consume them all...

Tragedy throws the Line of Succession into disarray and long kept secrets spill out into the open as the vacuum of power threatens to consume them all...

Daeron is thrust into the spotlight as the galaxy descends into an inescapable conflict that could destroy the ancient Galactic Balance...

The line of succession

God save the...

(book 6)

Available 2023

All the Lovers

An outrageous gay romance

All The Lovers is a sexy, hilarious, and eye-opening chronicle of Nick—a working class teenager from the North of England exploring love and sex in a pre-Grindr world. 

Still hung up on ex-boyfriend Shawn, Nick tries, tries, and repeatedly fails to find a meaningful connection in a parochial gay society still defined by closets and cruising. With fabulous best friend Mylo and straight-laced flatmate Jenna by his side, Nick’s journey to self-discovery forces him to confront not only his own demons, but those of all his lovers as well.


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Other Works

Stand-alone short stories available on Kindle Unlimited
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White Feather


The Line of Succession

Prime time drama at its best. Cant wait to read the next book!

* * * * *

Amazon reviewer

Super sexy. A very hot read and talk about forbidden love!!!

* * * * *

Amazon reviewer

If you like over the top soap-opera-esque romances with open relationships, scorching sex (including multiple partner menage), angst, betrayal, and a heavy dose of personal and political intrigue, with a cliffhanger ending leaving the reader to wonder what the hell is going to happen next - this is probably right up your alley.

Gay Book Reviews

If you’re looking for your next obsession, the “Line of Succession” series may be just what you need. This book is pure, soapy goodness, and I gobbled up every last page of it. There’s romance, betrayal, untold secrets, family intrigue, past loves, double agents, and, of course, a helicopter crash that sets it all in motion. Take all of that and put a crown on it, and you’ve got a not-so-guilty pleasure that will keep you reading under the covers long after you should be sleeping!

Love Bytes

The Galactic Captains

Contains all of the dark drama, human bitterness, and kinky sex scenes that Rey really excels at writing.

* * * * *


Tightly plotted, and every page packs a punch... the writing is skilful and poetic. Not only that, but it’s funny.

* * * * *


This isn’t a mindless space odyssey or fluffy romance. It’s, at its heart, a story of an outsider constantly trying to find a place that could be home and the surprising places that offer it.

* * * * *

The Paper Valley

Siege Weapons offers a sci-fi story with emotional depth, seriously good world building, interesting characters, and a quirkiness I like... The blurb did enough to draw me in but it doesn’t prepare you for the strong writing or the ripple effect of emotion. There is some quality writing and world building in this book. It blew me away because I wasn’t expecting the level of vivid description that blended seamlessly into the overall story. 

* * * * *

On Top Down Under

The Cruising Chronicles

I love the prose and concept. Interesting story for sure, and important. I'm glad I read it.

* * * *

Amazon reviewer

Interesting and well written piece of erotica. A nice set up into the reasons why he was giving in to his forbidden desires.

* * * *

Goodreads reviewer

The imagery is incredible and evocative... it has its own pulse, I loved it.

* * * * *

Neve Wilder

In The Press
White Branch



Harry F. Rey is an author and lover of gay themed stories with a powerful punch. He writes sex-positive stories that explore realistic queer lives and loves, whether in deep space or wearing a crown.

From contemporary to historical, romantic to dramatic, Harry strives to deliver plot-twisting, action-packed, edge-of-you-seat queer stories he wished he had growing up gay in Glasgow.

Rock Formations


I’ve been continuing my two major M/M series The Galactic Captains and The Line of Succession. The penultimate books of both those series have been released and the final books will be along soon.

I was thrilled to publish my coming-of-age rom-com All The Lovers in December 2020. This was a monumental story for me, thirteen years in the making. I’ve also been writing some short stories, including in Scots, my native tongue, and you can find links to those on my blog.

My debut historical fiction novel Why in Paris? released May 11 2022 from Encircle Publications. There are few stories out there which combine the gay and Jewish experience among the trials of war and occupation, and I hope this novel sheds some light on these untold stories.

I’ve got plenty more to come with queer young adult contemporary and fantasy stories, historical gay fiction and plenty of wonderful LGBTQ stories I can’t wait to share.

I am represented by Laura Pink at SBR Media who is helping me share my work with the wider world. For any enquiries, including foreign rights of my existing work, please get in touch with her.

If you would like to stay in touch with me, the best thing to do is follow me on social media. You can also sign up to my newsletter. I tend to send an update once every few months packed with new releases from fellow authors you might enjoy and deals and discounts on all sorts of queer books, including my own. You can always unsubscribe directly from the newsletter.

I love hearing from my readers so please don’t hesitate to get in touch with me.


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Landscape with Animals


If you would like to get in touch with Harry, you can write to him here:

For professional enquiries, including foreign rights, please contact Laura Pink at SBR Media. 

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